Enbi (aka Beautiful)
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 16 min | Year: 2014 |  Japan

It's time for the local summer festival and Kentarou is accompanying his married aunt Shizue, who has come to visit after being away for a few years. During the festival, Kentarou leaves his aunt alone for a bit, and when he finds her again he sees her getting it on with three young men in a secluded spot. He jerks off while he watches the three youngsters gangbang his aunt and give her a plentiful bukkake. After that, he comes home and finds his pretty neighbor Rumi asleep on the floor of his house. She fell asleep while waiting for Aunt Shizue to say hi. Kentarou starts jerking off in front of Rumi's face and pretty soon, she wakes up and starts licking his dick that is directly pointed at her face. Aunt Shizue arrives and joins them in a threesome.

Later, Shizue goes to a local photo studio to pick up some photos from the summer festival. The studio's owner is Nobuo, someone she knows from high school. Nobuo is shooting sexy photos of his wife Ami when Shizue comes in so she decides to join in. Ami confides to Shizue that her husband hasn't been fucking her for some time now as he seems content having his fill by merely taking sexy photos of her. Shizue tells her that they should show him their primal beauties as women and so they start getting it on in front of Nobuo and his camera. Nobuo joins them later without him refraining from clicking on his camera. A little bit after that, Kentarou arrives at the studio and also joins the fun.

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Original / Other Title:  Beautiful, 艶美

 Director:  Shigeki Awai

Genres: Hentai

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  2 May 2014

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