Late Night Project (TV Mini Series)(2020)
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 82 min | Year: 2020 |  India

When mutual understanding leads to unwanted relationship and consent become compromise and projects that has to be done only in night, it’s called late night project.

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Cheating Notes

The boss' wife, who is also working in the same office, seduces the male employee and they have sex on the couch.

The couple confronts the employee and blackmails him with a sex video of him and the wife. Their demand is not so bad though: that he fucks the boss' wife in front of the boss. So he does so, on top of the boss' office desk while the latter watches and masturbates.

The boss' wife comes to the employee's place and seduces and has lesbian sex with his wife. He catches them in the act.

The employee's wife has gone missing and he couldn't find where she is. He tells his boss about it and comes to the office. To his surprise, his wife arrives and starts having a threesome with the boss and his wife in front of him. First, he doesn't know what to do and looks distraught. But eventually, he joins in and the two guys bang each other's wife beside each other.

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