Madame Rosy (1993)
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 90 min | Year: 1993 |  South Korea

Hyangmi lives with her husband Donghyuk and 6-year-old daughter Eunju. She feels lonely because her husband is on Mt. Seorak for a construction job. Whenever that happens, she relieves her loneliness by watching porn on videotapes. On the weekends, she goes to Mt. Seorak to visit Donghyuk. However, she hears from the housekeeper that her husband is having an affair with a mute young lady who has a good heart. Donghyuk forces the young lady to have an abortion when she gets pregnant. As a result, the young lady commits suicide, and Hyangmi requests Donghyuk for a divorce. Hyang-mi starts going to clubs and has a one-night stand with someone. Eventually, she also starts an affair with the videotape delivery guy, who has his pal film their lovemaking and use the tape to blackmail her to do porn. Donghyuk learns about it and rescues Hyang-mi but it's too late for her, she loses her mind and gets admitted to a mental hospital.

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Cheating Notes

Wife goes to a club at the urging of her liberated friend.  Her friend starts making out with a male host on the couch. Another male host starts kissing and touching the wife on her sensitive body parts, but she pulls away and slaps him.

Owner of the video rental house manages to convince the wife to go to the second floor of his shop to review a porno tape. Wife gets horny while watching it, owner takes advantage and starts groping and kissing her. He gets a taste of her for a few seconds before she breaks away and runs.

After asking for separation from her husband (not sure what kind of separation they have, but if they haven't processed the papers yet, then I guess they're still technically married), wife goes to a club and this time, she hooks up with a guy and comes home with him to have sex. She recalls her lovemaking with him with some remorse when she wakes up naked the following morning.

Videotape delivery guy starts attacking the wife sexually when he delivers tapes to her place one time. She gives in after resisting initially and this starts their affair. They have sex in the outdoors and unknown to her, he has his pal videotape them and use it to blackmail her to do some porn videos. She obliges and we see her shoot some sex scenes next, one's a gang rape scene, and another is a bondage scene.

With adequate nudity and sex, nice.

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Original / Other Title:  도색부인, 挑色夫人


Genres: Drama, Romance

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  23 October 1993


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