My Brother’s Wife (2016)
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My Brother's Wife
 74 min | Year: 2016 |  South Korea

I had a pension house near Seoul. My husband who was in fashion traveled a lot. The furnace had been fixed but that only lasted a day. The repairman was rude so there was a fight. My husband is away but the furnace is broken again. I called the headquarters to send another repairman but the rude one came back. We were arguing about the bill when the repairman forced himself onto me at the table.

I couldn't call the police, I couldn't tell my husband. My husband says there was a robber in the neighborhood. He said I was in danger by myself so he put out an ad to rent out the first floor of our building. The new tenant was the repairman. He sang a weird song all day. My husband who was away called every day but I was still nervous. The repairman sang for three days. I didn't like it.

I was walking when the repairman pushed me inside a shed. He smiled. I liked the sex that I didn't want with the repairman. My husband came back but I missed the repairman. The repairman and my husband got along well and one day when my husband got drunk and fell asleep the repairman came close to me, singing...

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Cheating Notes

The wife gets raped by the repairman at her home, with her leaning against a table and getting fucked from behind.

The husband has the first floor of their building rented out. The wife is shocked to learn that the new tenant is the repairman. She tries to discourage her husband from accepting him but she doesn't tell him that he raped her.

While the husband is away, the repairman forcefully brings the wife inside a shed beside the building and begins sexually attacking her. Eventually, she succumbs and they fuck consensually in a standing position. He fucks her hard. The husband arrives and you can see him outside the window of the shed, looking inside but not able to see his wife and his tenant fucking against the wall.

The repairman comes over to the couple's place to have a drink with them. The wife is now warmly receptive to him. The husband gets drunk and falls asleep on the floor. The repairman fucks the wife on the table.

The husband goes away again. The wife wants to have sex with the repairman, it seems, but he rejects her when she comes knocking on his door. She cries and gets mad. I think the repairman is deliberately making her mad.

When the husband comes home, the repairman has a drink with him. The wife storms in on them and expresses her anger to her husband. Later that night, she comes inside the repairman's room and fucks him. The husband wakes up and catches them fucking, with his wife on top of the repairman. But the wife, instead of getting off the repairman, screams at her husband and throws a pillow at him. I think she's telling him to go out and that it's his fault for not listening to her about accepting the new tenant. Our crying, cuckolded husband obeys her and goes out of the room.

The husband leaves and we see the wife and repairman together in the final part. Then, the wife does something.


I like the hard fucking of the wife and her lover in the shed. It starts out with the wife resisting the guy but eventually, she starts receiving the guy's thrusts willingly. Also, their sex scene in the latter part where her husband catches them is nice.

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Original / Other Title:  형님 아내

 Director:  Lee Dol
 Stars:  Lee Eun-mi, Hwang Bin

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  12 June 2016


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