Salesman Mai Khai Rak (2013)
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 58 min | Year: 2013 |  Thailand

A couple is selling sex enhancement supplements and is utilizing different methods to achieve sales. The saleswoman has sex with her client in exchange for her purchase while the salesman, her boyfriend, tries to sell to his friends.

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Cheating Notes

The saleswoman (the one who doesn't take her bracelet, her watch, and her gold pendant off whenever she has sex) is in a relationship with the salesman (the one with a tattoo on his left bicep). They have sex at 26:25. Early in the movie, she fucks an old man in exchange for his purchase of her sex-enhancing supplements.

Meanwhile, during a drinking session, the salesman sells some of the supplements to his friend who immediately tries them on his girlfriend (short hair, with a tattoo on her belly) who is either a nurse or a student based on her uniform.

At 32:25, the saleswoman has sex with her boyfriend's friend. Meanwhile, her boyfriend also fucks his friend's girlfriend (39:50).

Original / Other Title:  เซลแมน(ไม่)ขายรัก, Salesman (Mai) Kai Ruk

 Director:  Takeshi

Genres: Drama

Country:   Thailand
Language:  Thai
Release Date:  7 July 2013

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