Sa’yo ang sarap, akin ang hirap (1999)
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 87 min | Year: 1999 |  Philippines

An impotent rich man pays male prostitutes to have sex with his girlfriend while he watches secretly through a one-way mirror because that is the only way he can achieve sexual pleasure.

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Cheating Notes

An impotent rich man pays male prostitutes to have sex with his girlfriend while he secretly watches through a one-way mirror, but he makes it look like it's his girlfriend who's paying the prostitutes because she's the one picking them up in bars and handing them the money in the bedroom after sex. His girlfriend's lovemaking sessions with the male whores while he is watching are at 35:20 and 53:36, both with one guys, and at 1:05:25, a threesome with two guys.

The chick has a determined admirer, and when he follows her home and finds out that she had a threesome with two male whores at 1:05:25, he gets mad because she's acting hard to get with him and yet, she is easily having threesome sessions with male prostitutes. So he fucks/rapes her after the two male prostitutes have left and while she is in an inebriated state. Her boyfriend also sees their lovemaking through the one-way mirror but he just watches instead of stopping the guy.

In the morning, the rich man tells his girlfriend that he's jealous of the guy and to avoid him. Sure, the girl says, but she calls and meets him anyway, explaining to him why she was fucking the two male whores. They kiss.

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Sex scenes are cut in this stream.

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