Sleep with Me (1994)
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Sleep with Me
R  86 min | Year: 1994 |  United States of America

Sarah, Joseph, and Frank are BFFs. Joseph and Sarah get married but the evening before she tells Frank with a kiss that it could've been him. Frank continues to have a thing for Sarah.

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Cheating Notes

Sarah kisses Frank on the beach, on the day before her wedding to Joseph (16:24), but she tells him that the kiss doesn't mean anything and they still remain friends.

During a gathering of friends, Joseph and Frank's sexy date (Frank's ex-girlfriend, played by Vanessa Angel) flirt while sitting beside each other (31:30). Sarah starts having a go at Frank's date, practically calls her a slut, and then she also starts flirting with Frank. All of a sudden, Frank tells her that he loves her and lunges forward to kiss her. She kisses Frank back briefly before her husband pulls him away from her.

During a party/gathering, Joseph doesn't expect Frank to be there, so a commotion ensues between them. Joseph leaves the party with another guy's other date (the other guy is so pissed about it), while Frank leaves with Sarah and another woman. This ends with Joseph making out and petting with the chick he's with on the couch (56:40)(we see her boobs), and Frank and Sarah kissing in the car and fucking in bed (non-nude). (try all servers)

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