The Seductress (1987)
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Year: 1987 |  Hong Kong

Liza's husband becomes impotent after a physical altercation with a thief. Because he can't satisfy her anymore, he leaves and begs Liza to divorce him from afar through his lawyer. She doesn't give him the divorce because she still loves him, but in his absence, her friend's boyfriend forces himself on her, she has drunken sex with the rich kid neighbor who was initially stalking her, and has a one night stand with a guy she picks up in a bar when she got horny watching her maid and her gardener do it. Eventually, her husband comes back to his senses and calls her, telling her of his intention to get back with her. She is elated and fainted on the news. Her driver, who has been lusting on her for some time now, takes advantage of it and rapes her. With her dignity tarnished, will she be able to face her husband once he returns?

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Cheating Notes

We see the wife and her husband have sex on their honeymoon. We also see her try to have sex with him after he becomes impotent but his penis wouldn't get up.

The wife's friend's boyfriend gets her drunk in a bar and then forces himself on her in his car. She resists hard, but at some point, she kind of enjoys it.. I think. The next day, he apologizes to her at her place and tries to woo her, but she rejects him.

As to the wife's rich kid neighbor, he announces to her that he's been taking pictures of her, including her lovemaking with her husband and also even her forced sex with her girlfriend's boyfriend in the car. After concluding that the kid is relatively harmless, she starts hanging out with him, mainly just as a friend. She rides with him on his motorcycle and they go around Hong Kong, watch a native dance festival, etc. She has a drink with him one night in his place. Again, just a friendly drink for her, but when he starts wearing a certain mask, she, in her drunken state, gets reminded of her husband and thinking that the kid is her spouse, makes love to him. She regrets it the next morning and tells the kid that they can't do it again because first, she doesn't love him, second, she's older than him (just a few years old), and third, most importantly, because she's married.

As to the guy she picks up at a bar and has a one-night stand with, their sex scene, if you can even call it that, is lousy and not worth paying attention to.

As to her driver raping her, I think she moans and gets pleasured at some point, but it's basically rape. I like the driver's display of his lust for the wife in different parts of the movie, like when she is in her bikini in front of him while he's trimming the grass for example, or him running his hand on her body just right after she fainted.

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Original / Other Title:  命帶桃花, Ming dai tao hua, Wu xin de jie ju

 Director:  Lui Kei

Genres: Drama

Country:   Hong Kong
Language:  Cantonese
Release Date:  6 March 1987

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