Invitation Girl 3 (2020)

January 28, 2023

Jun-yeong and Sook-hyang, who have been married for 5 years, are a couple who seem to be unhappy. Because of Sook-hyang’s insensitivity, their marriage weakens. One day, Sook-hyang met her first love, Yeong-min and his wife, Mi-seon. Sook-hyang receives a shocking invitation to have sex together…

The Invited Man (2017)


Min-ho wants passionate sex and his wife Eun-kyeong says sex is just a verification of love. Min-ho wants unique sex again tonight but Eun-kyeong only wants the usual sex in bed. One day, Eun-kyeong gets sex toys at work. She doesn’t like them at first but she can’t get over the great feeling from the massage shop and starts touching herself. Min-ho sees this and he gets horny. In the end, they have sex that […]