Incest: Can You Forgive Your Mother? Yuna Hayashi [ABP-168]


Unbeknown to her son, Yuna Hayashi works as a porn star in the adult video industry. Her opportunistic director meets her son by chance and gives him a DVD of one of her works, one in which Yuna’s husband is actually the one screwing her. The director then blackmails mother and son to have sex so that he can film it and sell the video. Of course, the director joins in as he also desires […]

Mistreated Bride


Mitsuko has always lived a simple life as a housewife, but things changed once she moved away from Tokyo to live with her husband’s family. She never thought doing a small favor for her husband’s father would lead into a world full of lust. Now, she is a love puppet for her husband’s father…

Taboo Charming Mother


On the outside, it seems as if the Amamiya family of Enbo is a picture of happiness and stability; Yosuke is a successful businessman, having recently been remarried to a beautiful wife named Misako. Their son, Kazuhiko, is in college. But for Misako, things aren’t so fine and dandy: Kazuhiko is cold and distant toward his stepmother; the workaholic that is Yosuke doesn’t satisfy his wife in the bedroom; and Misako receives menacing phone calls […]

The Ages of Lulu


The Ages of Lulu is a gruelling sensual odyssey from Spanish director Bigas Luna, made immediately prior to his popular trilogy Jamón, jamón (1992), Golden Balls (1993) and The Tit and the Moon (1994). Starting as the somewhat queasy story of the young Lulu’s affair with the manipulative Pablo (Oscar Ladoire), the movie takes a much darker turn once they are wed. It is conventional cinematic wisdom that there’s no such thing as sex after […]

Forbidden Homework


Expanding on ideas from “La Tarea” (Homework), Director Jaime Humberto Hermosillo continues his story, now of a young man completing an assignment for his film/video class. The young man invites Marieda, a middle-aged woman, over to his aunt’s house to rehearse for a video drama she believes they will eventually record. But she doesn’t realize that she is being videotaped since her arrival. After a faux-sex scene rehearsal, they do make love, which causes an […]

Anyone You Can Do… I Can Do Better!

Anyone You Can Do… I Can Do Better!


Reina, a student with an F-cup breast, asks Yusuke to be her private tutor by way of another teacher and Yusuke’s friend, Yoshio. Yusuke accepts the job, thanks largely to her huge breasts. Yoshio is envious and thinks it’s unfair, but he really can’t do anything since Reina fancies Yusuke. When Yusuke comes over for Reina’s lesson on the first day, he meets her mom, Mitsuki, who has even larger breasts than her daughter. Yusuke […]