Call of the Pistil (1971)
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 66 min | Year: 1971 |  Japan

The directorial debut of Masaru Konuma, penned by Keiichi Ozawa using the pseudonym "Fuyuhiko Hagi". Masako is a journalist, and she is raped while researching a story. The rape causes her to develop amnesia, so her brother and her boyfriend devise a novel way to get her memory back -- they have some men rape her again. First, it's a taxi driver they employ, and then next, it's a group of tattooed cult men who does it with her in an orgy fashion. It doesn't work, as she seems to have enjoyed the so-called 'rapes', so the brother and boyfriend do more research, discovering that Masako was raped by an African-American soldier. As might be expected, they then hire a black GI to rape the poor girl yet a third time...

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