Sex Life of Plants (2015)


After a head injury makes a dimwit stranger out of Barbara’s boyfriend Guille, she ceases to feel desire for him. Nearing 35, and longing for motherhood, she settles with a new partner. The memory of lost love harrows her so she visits Guille again and has sex with him.

Infieles S06 E10: Una por tres (2012)


Hairdresser Sandra is married to a sailor and lives at her mother-in-law’s house. As her husband is half stupid, she takes advantage of his absences to get off the reel when one night she meets womanizer Mario who quickly seduces her. But when her mother-in-law meets and falls for Mario, things get hectic.

Juana Brava (TV Series) (2015)


After many years away, a woman returns to her hometown, where her mayor father presides over a corrupt, lawless and rundown municipality. Juana Brava is a hot sexy brunette who lives in Santiago with her boyfriend, “El Turco”, a jewel and car thief. She has a teenage son, Diego, a naive and lonely boy. One day, after a big robbery, “El Turco” is killed and Juana needs to run away. She decides to return to […]