Touch and Go (1998)


An enthusiastic husband gets his reluctant wife into swinging but he gets insecure and wants them to stop while she likes it and wants to go on so that she can continue fucking other men. One night, they had dinner with their non-swinging couple friend and lures them into their lifestyle via a board game.

High Art

High Art (1998)


Syd, who lives with her boyfriend James, goes to complain to her neighbor about the leak in the ceiling. Her neighbor is photographer Lucy Berliner and Syd starts to fall in love with her. Sydney (or simply “Syd”), age 24, is a woman who has her whole life mapped out in front of her. Living with longtime boyfriend James, and working her way up at the respected high-art photography magazine Frame, Syd has desires and […]

Extramarital (1998)


An aspiring writer gets involved in the investigation of her best friend after she is killed while having an affair. Elizabeth’s dream of becoming a respected journalist is rocking her marriage to Eric. When she flies to San Francisco, she meets the mysterious Ann and Bob, Ann’s handsome gigolo friend. Although Ann and Elizabeth get along immediately, she soon discovers that Ann is married to someone else. By her demanding editor, she is assigned to […]