Devil Sorcery
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 85 min | Year: 1988 |  Hong Kong

The student of a good wizard decides to get it on with his master's wife and all hell breaks loose after tragic death of his master.The ghastly events involve flying heads and graphic centipede puking.

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Cheating Notes

The sorcerer's wife shows concern towards her husband's student when he is shaking and foaming on the mouth due to his illness. When she asks her husband why he delays giving his student his medicine and generally treating him badly, he tells her that it's better to treat him that way to show him who's boss.

One night, while the sorcerer is out driving away evil spirits on his client's property, his student goes to a club to have a drink. The student comes home first and finds his master's wife taking a shower in the bathroom. He peeps through the keyhole of the bathroom door and watches her. Getting aroused by what he sees, he enters the shower and carries his master's naked wife out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. The wife tells him not to do it, worrying that her husband might come home anytime soon and puts up some resistance. But when he drops her on the bed, what little resistance she puts up earlier is gone and she starts to willingly have sex with him.

The sorcerer comes home a little later and catches the two fucking. The two men tussle which ends up with the student stabbing his master and running away.

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Original / Other Title:  Ban xian jiang - 半邏降c

 Director:  To Lo Po

Country:   Hong Kong
Language:  Cantonese
Release Date:  31 January 1988

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