En Altamar (2018)
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 104 min | Year: 2018 |  Dominican Republic

A cheating couple ends up stranded on a boat in the open sea.

Samuel and Isabel have lost a baby recently and have a sexless marriage. She is an heiress of a wealthy family and he is managing her company. After celebrating his birthday, Samuel and Mónica, his seductress sister in-law who is married to Carlos sail to a small uninhabited island to have a tryst. But trouble sets in when his boat catches fire and they get stranded on the island. Now they have to set up a plan so that they can be rescued without their spouses finding out that they are together.

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Cheating Notes

Monica is your typical serial cheating slut married to a nice guy (Carlos). During a party at the beginning of the film, she is telling her husband that she belongs to him and only him. But while she's saying that, we see a flashback scene of her and an older guy from their social circle (who is also at the party) together in a hotel room while her husband was in the hotel lobby, calling her on the phone and asking her where she was. They were able to escape out of the window before her husband opened the door to their hotel room. So it turns out that the husband's jealousy towards the older guy is not without basis.

Monica flirts with Samuel, her half-sister's husband, at the party, by holding his hand while they are looking at some pictures on the wall. She is able to let go of his hand just before her husband comes to them.

Monica comes with her brother-in-law on his boat and they go sailing to an uninhabited island. They have sex, both on the island and on the boat (25:12).

At the end of the film, both sisters have baby bumps during a party. As both couples stand there and have a toast with their other friends, Monica's husband is clueless that his wife and her half-sister's babies are both fathered by the half-sister's husband.

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Original / Other Title:  En Altamar, In High Seas

 Director:  Alfonso Rodriguez

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Country:   Dominican Republic
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  31 May 2018

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