Wag Mong Agawin ang Akin (TV Mini Series) (2022)
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 45 min | Year: 2022 |  Philippines

Two tough women, a CEO of a perfume company and a very young private escort who becomes a model in the said company, are bound by a secret - they share the same man, but a bigger secret is yet to explode.

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Cheating Notes

Christine is the owner and CEO of a perfume/comestics company. She inherited the company from her deceased husband. Currently, she is in a secret relationship with Tom, an employee at her company. It's secret because her stepson, who is the COO of the company, tells her that if he can't have her, then no one can. She had a one-night stand with her stepson when her husband was still alive.

While Christine is his girlfriend, Tom begins an affair with Jasmine, a young escort whom the company will later hire as a model.

Lots of sex scenes but I will only mention the scenes that have a cheating wife/girlfriend.

Episode 4

21:11 - Flashback scene. While Christine's husband was still alive, she fucked her stepson in the back of a pickup truck. She told her stepson it was a mistake and wouldn't happen again.

Episode 6

26:15, 29:00 - Jasmine, who at this time is the mistress of Tom, is disappointed in him. She starts having sex with a guy who hit on her at a party but she changes her mind and they don't finish.

Episode 7

4:55, 8:00 - Christine reluctantly has sex with her stepson in exchange for information about her missing daughter. Her boyfriend Tom walks in on them and a confrontation ensues.



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