Elite (TV Series) (2018)
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 60 min | Year: 2018 |  Spain

When three working-class teens enroll in an exclusive private school in Spain, the clash between them and the wealthy students leads to murder.

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Cheating Notes

Summary and Recommendation

Go binge-watch this series on Netflix right now! The girlfriend-sharing scenes are awesome and Carla is a really hot chick.. reminds you of those  slutty yet attractive ultra-rich daughters like Paris Hilton. Marina as a cheating girlfriend ain't so bad either, but I prefer the slutiness of Carla.

Cheating Scenes in Elite (TV Series)

Episode 1 - Carla has sex with Christian, her boyfriend watches

Christian, one of the poor students takes an interest in Carla, one of the rich kids whose mother has a winery and who is the girlfriend of Polo, another rich kid, since they were 12. Lucky for him, Carla is interested in him too. One night at a party in a mansion that belongs to one of the rich kids, Christian and Carla fuck in one of the bedrooms upstairs. Unbeknown to Christian, Carla's boyfriend silently watches them. While Carla moans from the pleasure of Christian fucking her, she looks at Polo secretly and smiles.

Episode 2 - Carla starts making out with Christian but Polo appears

Christian continues flirting with Carla in school, but hiding it from Polo because he doesn't know that Polo knows and allows it. Carla asks permission from Polo that she wants to do it again with Christian. Polo seems to just agree because Carla is so good at convincing him using her charm.

When Carla chats with Christian online, she lets Polo know and he tells her what dirty things to say to Christian. Both guys jerk off (implied) in front of their laptops.

Guzman, the rich kid's leader, sees Christian flirting with Carla at school and confronts him, telling him to stay away from his friend's girlfriend. Polo joins in and stops him. Christian calls Carla "love" in front of the two rich boys. Guzman tells Polo, "See? He's calling your girlfriend 'love'!" Polo doesn't know how to react. He pretends to start telling Christian off but stops himself, and pulls Guzman towards the bathroom instead. He explains to him that he allows Carla to fuck Christian.  That it's all a game and he gets to tell Carla what to do with Christian and he also gets to watch them have sex.  Guzman asks him, what if Carla falls for Christian? Polo doesn't have an answer to that.

Polo tells Carla that they should stop doing their thing with Christian because he realized that it's weird when he was talking to Guzman about it. Carla, using her charm, convinces him again that they should continue it. Our cuckold goes along with her girlfriend's wishes again, and to pacify him, Carla makes love to him and lets him eat her pussy out (not the other way around a.k.a. suck his dick because well, he's a cuck).

Carla brings Christian home and starts making out with him beside their pool. Polo arrives and lets his presence known. He reveals to Christian about the setup, and that he watched them fuck. He insults Christian and laughs at him for thinking he was hooking up with a Spanish grandee (a Spanish noblewoman). Christian leaves pissed, while Carla gets mad at Polo, telling him that he should have told her that he didn't want to do it. Polo tells her that he did, but she just wasn't listening to him. With the way that Carla is looking at Christian and the way she's being apologetic to him, it seems that she's really falling for him.

Episode 3 - Marina fucks her soon-to-be boyfriend's brother and Carla has a threesome with Polo and Christian

Marina (one of the rich kids) fucks Nano, Samuel's (one of the poor kids) older brother in her family's mansion.  Marina and Samuel are not a couple yet at this point, however, they are into each other and are developing a relationship between them at school. So basically, the introverted Sam gut cuckolded by his extroverted cool-as-fuck ex-convict brother. Samuel invites Marina to a party at his house, with the intention of revealing his feelings for her. Nano has some criminal plans against Marina's father, though, so he seduces Marina as part of that plan. Marina is apparently a wild chick when he gets drunk. Hence, even if her initial intentions to go to the party is to nourish her feelings and advance her relationship with the good boy Samuel, she ends up making out with the bad boy Nano in the comfort room instead, and taking him to her family mansion and fucking him on their couch.

Meanwhile, Carla and Polo talk and make up, with Carla convincing Polo using her charm again, to allow her to continue fucking Christian.

Nano encourages Christian to continue fucking Carla, to take advantage of the fact that Polo is letting him steal his girlfriend right under his nose.

Christian goes to one of Carla's family houses at her invitation. He starts kissing her from behind when Polo comes in. This time Christian knows what he's getting into, so he's not mad. They proceed to have a threesome.

Episode 4

Marina and Samuel become a couple officially. Samuel doesn't know that his older brother already got a taste of his new girlfriend though.

Episode 5

Carla, Polo, and Christian start a threesome again. Polo starts showing his bisexual side by showing that he wants to kiss Christian but Christian playfully rebuffs him at the last minute.

Nano talks to Marina. He tells her that he fucked her with the intention of robbing her place, to keep him away from his brother by showing that she's a rich girl who falls for jerks. But now, he can't get her out his mind.

Marina and Samuel fuck for the first time. After that, Nano comes home and shows Samuel the watches he just stole from Carla's father. Samuel does not approve, of course. A little later in the night, Marina meets Nano and they kiss under the rain.

Episode 6

Marina faints while Samuel and Nano are arguing over the stolen watch. They go to the hospital and find out that Marina is four weeks pregnant. Samuel immediately knows it's not his because they only fucked recently. He asks her who the father is. Nano, standing behind them, gets alarmed as Marina might tell his brother that it was him. Marina doesn't answer Samuel's question, to Nano's relief.

Nano accompanies Marina to the abortion clinic where they kiss. He asks her to elope with him in the car, where they kiss again. Marina seems to be really more attracted to the bad boy Nano than to his brother and her boyfriend, the nice guy Samuel.

Polo intentionally isolates Christian from Carla to have oral gay sex with him, luring him with a chance to be a cover model for his mom's magazine. Later, when it looks like Polo cannot hold on to his word, Christian tells Carla what they did. Carla looks at Polo with a betrayed expression on her face. She considers it an infidelity to her.

The smart Samuel talks to Nano and tells him that he figures out that the only man who could have fucked and impregnated Marina is Nano. Nano denies it, and Samuel apologizes to him, telling him he's just have a lot to think lately. Nano looks guilty.

Episode 8

Carla is mad at Polo for having oral sex with Christian and in her mind they are over. She flirts with Christian and kisses him in front of Polo.

Carla tells Christian to steal the watch from Marina's locker. He refuses, telling her to treat him as a boyfriend and not her errand boy. She gets turned on and they have sex in a standing position in the school's locker room while a dance is going on. Polo enters the locker room and sees them having sex. He stands in front of the bathroom mirror and screams.

Original / Other Title:  Élite

 Director:  Darío Madrona, Carlos Montero

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Country:   Spain
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  5 October 2018


  1. A series of very good quality , I recommend you watch . There’s another series , La Casa De Pape series , watch this series , cheating in this series 😉

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