Flower and Snake
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 74 min | Year: 1974 |  Japan

Shizuka is the aristocratic wife of Senzo Toyama, the president of a large company. Repulsed by her husband, she enlists her lifelong maid to act as a surrogate to appease his sexual desires. When the maid does not satisfy, Senzo often advances on Shizuka. After Shizuka threatens to divorce him, Senzo orders his employee Makoto to train his wife to become sexually submissive. Makoto has been rendered impotent due to a childhood trauma resulting from his killing a black American soldier who had been having sexual relations with his mother. With the help of his domineering mother, a pornographer and owner of an adult toy store, Makoto breaks Shizuka's will and opens her perception of pleasure to torture and humiliation. During the course of his training of Shizuka, he also recovers from his affliction.

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Cheating Notes

Makoto dreams of that night where he witnessed a black guy fucking his mom when he was a young kid. He shot and killed the guy.

Makoto is called by his boss, Senzo, at his home and tells him to kidnap and train Shizuka, his frigid wife.

During an art exhibit, Senzo puts some sleeping pills in Shizuka's tea. When she faints, Makoto, with Senzo's assistance, takes her in his car to bring her home and start training her. Senzo tells him to train her as he likes, but to not go as far as raping her.

Makoto brings Shizuka to an open field and tries to fuck her in the car but he can't get his dick up because of his past trauma. Next, he brings her home and ties her on the bed. His mom enters his bedroom and being a pornographer who does bondage films in the basement of her own house, she doesn't seem to be bothered by it, and more so when Makoto tells her that his boss made him do it. She puts some enema into Shizuka's ass to make her shit. Makoto photographs her shitting and then he fucks her. This time his impotence seems to be cured and he is able to reach orgasm.

Makoto brings the photos of Shizuka shitting to Senzo who specifically requested it. Meanwhile, his mom brings in a guy and another woman and they hang Shizuka and do sexual bondage stuff to her. Makoto arrives in the middle of it and sort of rescues Shizuka and takes her down from the ceiling. But then he gets horny and starts fucking Shizuka on the floor. Shizuka is resisting at first, but then she starts to moan and stops resisting and her sex with Makoto becomes consensual. Soon after that, when Makoto is giving her a bath, she is smiling and very cooperative even if she's still bound.

Makoto and Shizuka have sex on the floor inside his bedroom, with Shizuka telling Makoto that she loves him and to not forsake her. Later at breakfast, Makoto tells his mom that he wants to marry Shizuka.

Makoto reports to Senzo that his wife is now completely trained and lets him hear some of her recordings to prove it. Senzo wants his wife back, but Makoto hesitates.

Shizuka's maid meets and talks to Makoto and tells him that Shizuka is bought off from her lover by Senzo, and that Shizuka was secretly meeting that lover (we see a flashback of Shizuka and her lover making out, with her lover reaching out for her panties, meaning they were going to have sex too).

Makoto's mom hires a black guy, makes him fuck the tied Shizuka and lets Makoto see it when he arrives from work, thereby, recreating the scene where Makoto saw her getting fucked by a black guy when he was young.

Makoto brings Shizuka to a park because she wants to take a walk. She's still tied. When she asks to go to the restroom, Makoto unties her. When she doesn't come back, he checks the restrooms and cannot find her and thinks she ran away. However, Shizuka does come back, which means that she has really been submitted succesfully.

Makoto and Shizuka fuck inside a phone booth while Makoto is calling his mom to tell him about an important realization that he has about the night that he supposedly shot the black guy who fucked her. Some pedestrians notice them.

Senzo comes to take Shizuka back. Makoto tells Shizuka not to go with her husband. But Shizuka says she is Mr. Toyama's wife and that she is now satisfied with that (meaning she will now be open and cooperative to Mr. Toyama being a pervert), thanks to him (Makoto). At the last moment, Makoto gets in the car of the couple and her possesive mother tries to chase him but fails.

Shizuka's maid enters the master's bedroom and sees Shizuka having a bondage threesome with Senzo and Makoto.

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