Laging sariwa ang sugat (1999)

December 20, 2023

Stella is being unfaithful to her boyfriend, whom she has a complicated relationship with because she’s afraid of commitment because of a trauma from her past. She goes out at nights and picks up men in bars, wearing a short blonde wig to conceal her identity.

Lollipop (2002)


A student who has a crush on his teacher testifies against her husband when he witnesses him banging his teacher’s mentally challenged sister. This leads to an affair between the student and the teacher while her husband is in jail.

Perlas (2004)

May 6, 2023

A young guy fucks his middle-aged friend’s young wife while his friend is passed out drunk. The latter wakes up, catches them in the act, and grabs his machete.

Saranggani (2000)


A struggling businesswoman begins a relationship with her regular driver. But when her mother gets hospitalized and she needs more money for her hospital bills, she cheats on him by becoming an escort and starting a long-term affair with her sole, rich client.