Rope Cosmetology (1978)

December 18, 2022

Kanako meets a BDSM artist, who teaches women an extreme form of erotic submission – how to act like a dog. It’s rough and he even brings a real dog for her, but she goes with it. This improves her and her geeky husband’s marriage.

Hayop sa hayop (1978)


Andro and Benjie are members of a gang who hold up a bank. Things got out of hand and Benjie kills a civilian. They are able to get away with the money and go on a run. Alicia, Benjie’s girlfriend who works in a club, comes along with them. They decide to hide in a remote province which turns out to be a wrong decision. While in the market to buy a few essentials, Alicia […]

Embalos Alucinantes (1978)


Ramon, a psychology student, is a good-looking young man with little willingness to do honest work. He lives in the anteroom of his cousin’s office, Sergio, a dentist who is fascinated by him. Bothered by the constant presence of women brought by Ramon and to get him out of his office, Sergio convinces his cousin to respond to a magazine ad proposing a couples exchange. Ramon talks to Cris, a friend from college, who agrees […]

The Shout (1978)


A traveler by the name of Crossley forces himself upon a musician and his wife in a lonely part of Devon and uses the aboriginal magic he has learned to displace his host. Charles Crossley is telling his doctor Robert Graves how he developed strange and mystic powers while he was living with the aborigines for 18 years in the wild reaches of the Australian desert and perfected among other things the “Terror Shout” that […]

As Taradas Atacam (1978)

September 13, 2021

The narrator of a radio show called “Barulho na Cidade” (“Noise in the City”) tells five erotic episodes: (1) “Sexo Diferente” (“Unusual Sex”): Carla dos Anzois Pereira (Malu) writes a letter to the show, telling that her little husband Sergio (Jose Carlos Sanches) is no longer sexually interested on her, and requested she finds a lover to “heat” their marriage. (2) “Rapto do Onibus” (“Kidnapping the Bus”): while robbing the passengers of a bus, a […]