Flower and Snake 3: Punishment
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 73 min | Year: 1986 |  Japan

When a successful businessman refuses to save the business of his former business partner, his wife, a private teacher of written arts, and her student are kidnapped. The former business partner plans to execute his revenge by forcing both women into sexual slavery and training them into becoming SM porn stars.

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Cheating Notes

From the dialog, we learn that Shizuko, the wife of businessman Mr. Toyama, is an ex-girlfriend of Katsuhiko Sugimoto, Mr. Toyama's lawyer. According to Katsuhiko, Mr. Toyama took Shizuko away from him because Mr. Toyama knew that he wouldn't resist (so he sort of got cuckolded by his boss). Shizuko tells Katsuhiko that he was so afraid of Toyama that he chose to be a lawyer instead of choosing her. That's her version, and it might be partially correct, but also, she probably chose Mr. Toyama by her own will because he is rich as fuck. What a gold-digging slut who presents herself as a kind, prim and proper wife (nice, I like her). When Katsuhiko makes a move, begging Shizuko to be his again, she rejects him and says that she is Mr. Toyama's wife now.

Shizuko gets kidnapped, raped and sexually trained by Mr. Tashiro and his gang. He is a business partner of Mr. Toyama who got pissed because Mr. Toyama refused to save his failing business. Katsuhiko does not have anything to do about the kidnapping but is convinced by Mr. Tashiro to be an accomplice to her training because of his grudge on Shizuko for choosing Mr. Toyama over him. He also participates and does some sexual things to Shizuko.

Chiyo, a student of Shizuko in calligraphy, also gets kidnapped. Shizuko agrees to be more complacent in her sexual training in exchange for  the gang not raping Chiyo, but the bad guys still rape and train Chiyo anyway.

In the end, Mr. Tashiro invites Mr. Toyama to a porn show in a warehouse. Mr. Toyama is shocked to learn that his wife is included in the show. Shizuko, because she is now succesfully trained at this point, and also because she was fed the wrong information that Mr. Toyama has married their maid, has no qualms about performing sexually in front of her husband. Katsuhiko also joins the show and fucks Shizuko from behind in the stage. Well, she should have been his in the first place had he not been cuckolded by his boss.

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Original / Other Title:  Hana to hebi: Shiiku-hen

 Director:  Shôgorô Nishimura

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  8 March 1986

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