Goran (2016)

August 14, 2021

A taxi driver suspects that his blind wife and his best friend are cheating on him. She’s cheating alright, but with a different friend, and he finds that out when he accidentally watches a sex video of his wife and the other friend fucking.

7 Sex 7 (2011)


A guy tricks a girl who got lost in the woods into having sex with him under the pretext that a nonexistent tick will pass from her vagina on to his penis. The girl’s bf calls her while he is fucking her against a tree. Plus, a girl cheats on her bf just minutes before they have a date.

Not All About the Money (aka Nije sve u lovi)


A young couple, Robi and Ines have a 7-day deadline to pay off Robi’s debt to the loan shark, or they will both be killed. When they meet a well-off banker, Marko, who could save them by lending them money, Ines and Marko become close. The crazy race against time results in a love triangle of bizarre emotions, lies and passion.

Angel's Bite

Angel’s Bite (aka Ujed anđela)

November 23, 2017

A lighthouse keeper lives on an isolated island together with his wife, ailing father and retarded sister. News of a serial killer stalking the isolated lighthouses makes him leave in order to hunt him down. In the meantime, the wife meets a mysterious and seductive stranger.