Tubero (2022) aka Handyman


A frigid young woman worries that her man would leave her for not satisfying him sexually so she hires a plumber who offers “extra service” to help her become better in bed. She ends up falling for the guy, hiring him as a stay-in handyman for the construction of a home and fucking him beside her passed-out fiance.

La Querida (2023)

February 17, 2023

Two interweaving love stories that define the word Querida. A young couple’s romance is cut short when the man learns that his woman is married. Meanwhile, an unhappily married husband meets a lonely teacher and they share an illicit affair.

Kinsenas, Katapusan (2022)


A corporate boss has an affair with his daughter’s jailbait classmate, which begins when she starts a flirty chat with him and later follows it up with a nude show on live cam for him. But before that, he was having an affair with his married female employee first.