Crazy Swedish Holidays in Paris (1980)

September 30, 2021

The two couples, Barbro and Evert and Ulla and Jan, who are good friends maintain the myth of Swedish liberty and sexual appetite. The husbands have competitions about who can give his wife the most pleasure. They send the wives to Paris for holiday. They promise their husbands to be faithful but as soon as they reach there, they find two lovers. But they are robbed by them after a very hot night. But the […]

Ladies Night

Ladies Night (1980)


Sexually frustrated housewife Betty (a winningly sassy portrayal by the gorgeous Annette Haven) isn’t getting the carnal fulfillment she needs and desires from her football addict husband. Betty decides to rectify the situation by going out with her rowdy gal pals Irene (ravishing redhead Lisa De Leeuw) and Angie (fetching brunette Nicole Black) to a swinging nightclub where bawdy fun and fornication are the order of the day.

Dolce… calda Lisa (1980)


The film is about Lisa, a young pretty wife stuck with an older husband who cannot satisfy her sexually nor in other ways. She becomes bored with her everyday life and cheats on her husband sleeping with another older man. Still not satisfied she hooks up with a rich man (Enzo Fisichella) who introduces her to a young stud (Mario Cutini) and his two lesbian playmates (Guia Lauri Filzi and Annj Goren).