La joven y la tentación (1986)

September 22, 2023

A university professor/appraiser of rare books visit an old friend who now lives with his stepdaughter and second wife. One night, he is about to have sex with the stepdaughter when the second wife (her mother) knocks on the door of his bedroom. While the daughter hides naked in the closet, he has sex with her mother.

The Decline of the American Empire (1986)


Four very different Montreal university teachers gather at a rambling country and discuss their swinging and cheating experiences. Meanwhile, their four female guests, Louise (Remy’s wife of 15 years), Dominique (a spinster), Diane (a divorcée) and Danielle (Pierre’s girlfriend) are spending the time at a downtown health gym, also discussing the same things.

Women Who Do Not Divorce (1986)

July 16, 2023

A weatherman gets involved with two married women, one a cafe owner and the other a rich man’s wife. Both are trapped in meaningless marriages but couldn’t bring themselves to divorce their husbands. While undecided about who he wants to choose, Keiichi witnesses passions boil to an unforgiving climax.

Kailan tama ang mali? (1986)

February 10, 2023

The underbelly of Manila is a place for adultery as Pilar, the governor’s wife, kept her trysts with her lovers, for prostitution as Elizabeth descends into degradation, for excitement as Chat, the lonely wife keeps up her relationship with hired killer Edu.


Ménage (1986) aka Tenue de soirée


A bisexual petty criminal named Bob encounters a married couple arguing in a bar. Bob breaks up the fight and proceeds to seduce first the wife and then the husband. Then Bob teaches the couple how to be burglars and they join him in his criminal exploits. If you’re renting Ménage for your evening movie, you’re probably expecting exactly what the title promises. Good news, you’ll get it! In this French flick, Michel Blanc and […]