Zoom Up: Sexual Crime Report (1981)
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 69 min | Year: 1981 |  Japan

Trampled by a motorcycle gang, betrayed by her husband, and manipulated by the ruse of an old lesbian partner…

1981 Nikkatsu Roman Porno film. The wife of a prominent businessman works as a late-night radio personality. One night on her way to the radio station, she is raped by a motorcycle gang without knowing the reason...

With the encouragement of her businessman husband, Touko Wakimura has become a late-night TV personality as a hobby. One night, she was attacked by a motorcycle gang donning pantyhoses as masks and gang-raped. Among them was a woman. Touko, who entered the studio, receives a request for "Grudge Bushi" from a woman named "maid" that day. This request came every broadcast. Touko lives in her mansion with her husband Wakimura and her maid Isako. Wakimura is a spear, and Touko is 20 years older than him, and both of them knew their past when they got married. Wakimura will go on a business trip abroad, and Touko will be alone with Isako. One night, the motorcycle gang came. The woman inside was Isako. A young man named Hayakawa is having sex with his girlfriend Isako overheard by Touko. Touko began investigating Isako's past. And she is the daughter of the president of a company that Wakimura had driven into bankruptcy due to his work, and the mansion where she now lives was also Isako's house. Touko is indignant. Isako was also the requester for "Grudge Bushi". One day, Isako took everything apart and demanded money and a body from Touko. Touko accepts and leaves her at Hayakawa's mercy. Wakimura returned from his trip. Touko talks about her progress and asks for her help, but Wakimura only gives a cold smile. Wakimura knew everything and invited Hayakawa and Isako to the yacht for a party. Touko, who desperately participates, thrusts a knife at Wakimura, who is rambunctious. The melody of "Grudge Bushi" was playing.

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Cheating Notes

43:51 - The wife has sex with her ex-lesbian lover. It's blackmail sex because her ex is showing her a video of their past lovemaking.

51:27 - The wife gives money to her maid's boyfriend in exchange for the photos of her gang rape earlier, and she also fucks him, probably as part of their deal.

57:36 - The wife sees her husband fucking the maid.

1:01:20 - In a yacht, the wife fucks the maid's boyfriend while the maid watches and her husband is doing some shooting with his gun on the deck. Her husband comes down and joins them and starts fucking the maid.



Original / Other Title:  ズームアップ 暴行白書

 Director:  Katsuhiko Fujii

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  9 October 1981

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