Tender Is the Heart (2001)


A doctor’s fiancee cheats on him with some random guy in a bar’s toilet room when he botches her medical operation. Plus, a chick denies the doctor sex on their first date because she thinks he’s a long-term catch and doesn’t want him to think of her as a bimbo. And what did she do right after? Like a bimbo, she has a threesome with the doctor’s best friend and his date.

Beyond Love and Evil (1969)


Loosely adapted from de Sade’s play “Philosophy in the Bedroom”. Set in the present day, a cult of depraved hedonists cavorts at a remote, elegant mansion. Zenoff is invited by Xenia, his true love, to a party hosted by Xenia’s fiance, Yald: a debauched libertine seeking to orchestrate an atmosphere of unbridled sensual pleasure with no concessions to conventional morality. He enters the couple’s heavily guarded country mansion and finds a vast orgy occurring within. […]