The Cougar Trap


The terms “desperate” and “housewife” are often seen together these days, and that combination definitely applies to Yoko. Her life with her hard-working husband is a pleasant one for the most part, but the sounds of marital bliss have not been heard from their bedroom lately. She is forced to take matters into her own hands, until the day her son brings home a very handsome friend. Yoko doesn’t realize it at first, but the […]

[SOE695] Double Young Wives Who Was Violated in Front of Their Husband

Double Young Wives Who Was Violated in Front of Their Husbands – Akiho Yoshizawa, Yuma Asami [SOE-695]


Yuma Asami and Akiho Yoshizawa are neighbors. After sending their husbands off to work, two guys enter their homes and rape them. The guys are able to scare the two in not telling anybody about it. Emboldened by this fact, they send more men their way and rape the wives even when their husbands are around.

Bahid (aka Stain)


As a ramp and commercial model and a swinging teenager in this movie of sex,wealth and power, Assunta de Rossi as Erika is a sexy appealing face on billboards and on the catwalk but,at home, with her sister Loida, she shares a dark secret with her surrogate father,Mr. Lorenzo Lavares, who is wed to her sister. The house of Lavares features a strange quartet father and son married to the sisters with warped emotions and […]