Kalaro (1999) aka Playmate


Aida, Nardo, and Ramon are friends since childhood. When they grow up, Nardo and Ramon both fall in love with Aida. She seems to care for both but she chooses to marry Ramon, whose family is much richer than Nardo’s. Politics and land dispute lead to the destruction of Nardo and Ramon’s friendship. But in the end, when their enemies are all bent to destroy them, who else can the three rely on except each […]

American Blonde


The couple Leo and Luna picks up other women to have sex with them. Luna wants this setup because she likes to have sex with women and not men. Their relationship is kind of weird as they are together, but they really don’t have sex with each other. One of the women they pick up is Daisy, who has commitment problems with her boyfriend. Leo starts falling for Daisy so complications ensue.

Free Love (aka Amore Libero)


Young engineer Francesco Ferraro (Enzo Bottesini) is sent to Smeraldo Island in the Seychelles to oversee the tests necessary to dig a silver mine. But Francesco must also find out what happened to his predecessor, vanished without trace. The island seems to be an Eden on Earth, and the native girls freely explore the joys of sex, but there is something in the dark working against Francesco, and a mysterious accident disables his delicate equipment.