Amar, después de amar (TV Series) (2017) aka Love After Loving


The accident of a couple on the road opens dozens of questions. The woman’s body has disappeared. The man remains in a coma. The identity of both reveals a secret: they were not husbands, they were lovers. Three years earlier, a friendship between two marriages became a prelude to that forbidden love. Raquel and Damián, well-off fishing entrepreneurs, meet Carolina and Santiago, a young housewife and her husband, an expanding construction worker.

Deseo (2002)


A leftist wife whose communist husband is in jail starts a job as a maid for a rich pro-nazi man and ends up having an affair with him. Eventually, she leaves her husband for the rich asshole, who even beats her spouse up when the poor guy tries to confront him.

La perra

La perra (1967)


A couple goes sailing on their private yacht. The young wife begins an affair with the skipper and conspires with him to kill her old, rich husband, but the skipper is having doubts. Eventually, the skipper finds out that he is just being used by the wife and her real lover.