Pimped (2018)


Over the course of one night, Sarah meets the handsome, captivating and smooth talking Lewis, who aims to be the bait in a sick sexual trap set up by himself and his low-life, rich kid housemate Kenneth. When their ruse backfires, Lewis and Sarah are forced into an unlikely alliance with deadly consequences.

My Girlfriend's Mother 2

My Girlfriend’s Mother 2 (2018)


Young Se-hee gets married to middle aged Min-goo, but she’s not happy with his ‘item’ as he’s old. While she goes on vacation with her husband, Min-goo’s daughter Yoo-jin calls her boyfriend Ji-hoon to the house when her parents are not there and they have sex. Meanwhile, Se-hee comes back home early from the vacation because her husband has to work and runs into a completely naked Ji-hoon.


Ambivalence (2018)


Stas and Peter, two young psychiatry students and friends perceive life differently. Stas desires to act by the rules, Peter prefers experimenting. Stas is a hard worker while Peter likes to break the silence. Stas loves with hate, Peter hates with love. Stas is a diligent student, Peter is a troublemaker. It’s a pity they both have one passion – Katherina. Stas’ loving stepmother, father’s wife, a tourist guide. For Peter – a lover. Will […]