Loveless (2017)

January 30, 2023

Still living under the same roof, the Moscow couple of Boris and Zhenya is in the terrible final stages of a bitter divorce. Under those circumstances, both have already found new partners.

Sacrificio d’amore (TV Series) (2017)


Corrado Corradi, son of the wealthy Leopoldo Corradi, directs hundreds of quarrymen in the Carrara marble quarries owned by his family without taking into account the rights of the workers who work there. He is married to Silvia, a woman of humble origins, madly in love with him and confident of her husband’s good intentions. When she meets the quarryman Brando Prizzi and falls in love with him, her life changes unexpectedly.

Lover for a Day (2017)


Gilles, a philosophy professor, has been having a romance with her student Ariane. She is a real slut who gets jealous when Gilles kisses his daughter first before her when he comes home one day, but has no qualms when she cheats on him by fucking two handsome young guys.