My Neighbors Keep Fucking My Wife [CRS-022]


Momoka Nishina tries out a massage parlor. The massage turns sexual as she gets carried away by the pleasure it brings her. She gets videotaped and the sinister people behind the massage parlor use this to blackmail her into doing sexual favors for them at her own home. Her husband arrives in the middle of it, and one wonders what these men will have in store for the husband and his wife.

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The Naked City (La Ciudad al Desnudo)


A gritty tale of survival set against a city ripe with violence and corruption. The Naked City tells the tale of Alfonso and Aurelia, who with their infant daughter flee the scene of a traffic accident they inadvertently caused, leaving several people seriously injured. On the run, they check into a hotel in a different part of the town. By coincidence, or fate, the hotel is about to be attacked by a violent gang, who […]

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Na Violência do Sexo


Brazil has released its share of wildly insane genre films that include the likes of GISELLE (a softcore erotica romp that includes a male-on-male encounter,and a male-on-male rape sequence), VIOLENCE AND FLESH, and this rape/revenge yarn about a newly married couple whose honeymoon is crashed by a quartet of lowly criminals (led by a David Hess-looking guy) that tie up and beat up the groom while they strip naked and rape his wife, with the […]