The Hot Girl Juliet (1981)

November 12, 2021

A woman visits her former lesbian lover who’s stuck in a boring marriage. They begin an affair. The lover’s husband and his best friend are also having affairs – with each other’s wives. The girls decide to seduce the other wife.

Hellhole Women (1981)


In Spain, a newlywed couple parks their car in a deserted land to make love and they trespass a private property. They are taken to a women’s prison and the husband is released while his wife is arrested and forced to do hard labor. Soon she learns that the women in the prison are submitted to sexual abuse to satisfy the sadistic lesbian warden and the impotent governor and his bisexual wife. Meanwhile, her husband […]

The Escapees (1981)

October 13, 2021

Two young women are invited by two couples to their place to lure them into swinging. The two wives start petting heavily on the couch in order to seduce one of the women.