Tear This Heart Out (2008)

January 23, 2021

Set in the 1930s in Puebla, Mexico, a young woman finds herself in an arranged marriage to a prominent politician. As his career progresses, she finds it more difficult to remain a loyal, loving wife and has an affair with a teenager and with a concertmaster.

Máncora (2008)


An adventure drama that tells the story of Santiago, a 22-year old from Lima. Following his father’s suicide, haunted by his inner daemons and hatred for the world in general, Santiago decides to escape the crude Lima winter to take refuge in Mancora, a beach to the north of Peru where it is always summer. Upon his departure, Santiago receives the unexpected visit from his stepsister, Ximena, a young and beautiful photographer in her late […]

Blue Sky


The story revolves around a pachinko parlor worker named Shiori (Aoi) and her aspiring musician boyfriend, Tetsu. The two of them travel from Kyushu to Tokyo together and struggle to stay afloat while Tetsu chases his dream. Tetsu’s younger brother eventually shows up and the two brothers form a duo and start to play some shows together. Later, Shiori gets recruited as a gravure idol while Tetsu gets involved with a local yakuza and cheats […]